Edwin van der Heide is a composer, performer and instrument builder based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He creates spatial control instruments that extend technology developed at STEIM in Amsterdam, and develops custom musical DSP performance software. He has performed throughout Europe, including ISDN network concerts between New York-Paris and Barcelona-Amsterdam. He has worked with Dick Raaijmakers in music theatre performances, and was recently commissioned by the Rotterdam Dance Group to compose with Horst Rickels an interactive dance piece. Since september 1995 he is a teacher at the Sound & Image department of the Royal Conservatory The Hague.

Atau Tanaka is a Japanese-American composer, performer, and developer based in Paris, France. He is the first musician to work with the BioMuse, performing with real time computer graphics and music. He has been seen on CNN and Arté television, and was a regular guest on JWAVE radio. He has worked with John Cage and Fred Frith on interactive installations and has developed multimedia CD-ROM titles for the Voyager Company and with Bionic Media for Time Warner Interactive. He has been sponsored by Apple Computer as artistic ambassador for new technology.

Zbigniew Karkowski is a Polish-Swedish composer/musician presently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. He has worked professionaly in the areas of written contemporary music, industrial music, pop music and experimental performance for the last 11 years. His work has been performed all over Europe, USA and Japan. Lately (besides full time work with The Sensorband) he has been quite active in the underground noise scene in Japan.

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